Espresso 60ml Measure Glass - Joe Frex

The Joe Frex Espresso Measure Glass has 22ml, 30ml, 44ml & 60ml increments and is easy to read. It's perfect for dialing in your espresso machine and grinder settings and the square shape allows 2 shot glasses to sit closely together under a double portafilter spout. Don't leave the important things to chance, measure your shots with this 60ml measure glass, combined with a digital timer this shot glass is the perfect accessory for measuring espresso.

Pulling a 30ml ‘single’ shot in 30 seconds is the perfect shot. This over time has proven to be the most reliable source of information to get the best base tendencies out of a coffee bean. Once you achieve this base with your coffee bean then adjust your shots to suit it’s best characteristics, because beans come from different countries and are grown under different conditions such as rainfall, sunlight and altitude, to name a few. This means that each coffee bean has unique characteristics and therefore, different beans will always result in differing volumes of espresso. Your best guide to making espresso is to observe the colour changes, timing and measurement of the pour.

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